Welcome to Shindo Kan School of Judo

Join us and learn kodokan-style ™ judo!

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Welcome to Shindo Kan School of Judo

Join us and learn Kodokan-style ™ Judo!

What is Judo?

While it is often described as The Gentle Way, Judo is more than that:

  • Great for self defense.
  • Great for self-esteem & confidence.
  • Judo is for girls & women, too!
  • No need to be a great athlete – anyone can do Judo.
  • Judo is the most widely practiced martial art worldwide.
  • More people worldwide practice Judo than any other sport, except for Soccer.
  • More countries compete in Judo than in any other sport in the Olympics, except for Track & Field.

Is Judo Safe?

Judo is the safest contact sport for children under 13 (study by the American College of Sports Medicine).

Is Shindo Kan Judo for Me? How Do I Get Started?

We’re Open to all – Ages 7 & up. No experience necessary.

School Information

Shindo Kan School of Judo

Mailing address:

334 S. Salem Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60193

Phone: +1-847-254-3894

Email: shindokanjudo@hotmail.com

Facebook: Our Facebook Page

Dojo Location & Schedule


Schaumburg Park District- Meineke Center
220 E. Weathersfield Way
Schaumburg, IL. 60193

Check Online for the Next Available Sessions!

Fees and Dues

Fees are set by The Schaumburg Park District. Call +1-847-985-2143 or check their website www.parkfun.com for pricing information.